Geo Guy, Rico & Eis were a series of shorts aired as part of What a Cartoon! on Cartoon Network. These shorts, which were seven minutes in length, premiered on August 27, 1995, and last aired on December 18, 1998, two days before the premiere of Geo TV on Fox.


During development of Geo TV, Geo initially had the title as Geo Guy, Rico & Eis, for test reasons. Geo then returned to Hanna-Barbera, where he started his animation career. These shorts, produced during the development of what would be soon Geo TV, premiered on August 27, 1995, and originally stopped in 1997, though one more short, "Geo Guy's Pet", aired on December 1998. Most of the team of these shorts (particularly art director/layout artist Craig Kellman) would later work on Geo TV.


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